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Yasutaka Hanada.png
Yasutaka Hanada
 Japanese 縹ヤスタカ
 Rōmaji Hanada Yasutaka
• Personal Data •
 Gender Male
 Race Human
 Status Alive
 Occupation Spotter
• Portrayal •
 Voice Actor Kenjirou Tsuda
• Appearances •
 Debut Episode 2

Yasutaka Hanada (縹ヤスタカ) is a veteran employee and spotter at SAI Terminal Service #1. He has been working for over ten years at Terminal Service. He is partnered with Sherry.

Spoiler Warning: Significant plot details follow!


Yasutaka has a casual attitude and a lack of motivation, which is unusual for someone with his experience at the Terminal Service. Due to him often slacking off, skipping work, and a wide variety of other non-work related conflicts, he oftentimes annoys his partner, Sherry.

Yusakata is known to often go drinking at the bar, sometimes alongside Kazuki. Other known traits of his involve being rather flirtatious around female staff members, or even, as Sherry had once claimed, their customers.


  • Yatsukata is assumed to be one of the longest working Terminal Service #1 staff member, as he claims to have over ten years of experience with SAI Corporation.