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Facade of Terminal Service One

The Terminal Service, also known as the Retrieval Department, is a department of the SAI Corporation that is responsible in the retrieval of Giftia who are already nearing the end of their lifespan.

There are 29 offices in the Terminal Service Department, strategically located in different geographical regions where Giftia are present. Each office is given a numerical name, such as Terminal Service One.

The Terminal Service assigns retrievals to partner teams composed of a human whose role is to be the Spotter, and a Giftia who works as the Marksman.

SAI Corporation prioritizes efficiency from the various Terminal Service offices, expecting a large number of retrievals with as little operating costs as possible. While the erasure of a Giftia's memories may prove traumatic or painful for the owner, employees of the Terminal Service are expected to consider this as nothing more than part of the job.

Known Offices and Employees

  1. Terminal Service One
  2. Terminal Service Three