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Tsukasa, a Spotter, describes the options the owner of the Giftia may avail

The role of a Spotter is taken by one of the members of a partner team in the Terminal Service. Typically, he or she is the human in the team.


Spotters have a simple job to do in every retrieval: to watch over their partner, the Marksman, and ensure that they are performing their responsibility properly. This includes accompanying the Marksman on the car trip to the location of the retrieval, looking after them during the negotiation with the owner of the Giftia, and making sure that the Marksman performs the erasure of the Giftia's memories properly. They also offer the owner of the Giftia various options (such as a replacement discount) which they may choose to avail following a retrieval.

While no reason is given in the series as to why Spotters are required in the Terminal Service, a possible explanation is that given the android nature of the Marksmen who are Giftia themselves, it is still necessary for human supervision to ensure that the retrieval goes according to plan.

Known Spotters

Special Cases

While the roles in the Spotter-Marksman partnership is often strictly observed, in the case of Tsukasa and Isla, there have been changes in the usual responsibilities of each. Realizing that Isla is struggling in keeping up with the responsibilities of being a Marksman, Tsukasa suggests that they swap their tasks for a while, something which proves to be a successful idea for the duo.