SAI Corporation

SAI Corporation.png
Facade of SAI Corporate Headquarters

Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation, often abbreviated as SAI Corporation, is a company that caters mostly to the technology sector. They are involved in android production, and are responsible in the invention and development of Giftia.

The Corporate Headquarters of SAI Corporation is located in a multi-story building that is surrounded by artificial pools of water, with smaller roads connecting the building to the main road. The building's facade is in the colors white, black, and orange, the three primary colors used by the company.


Giftias are a type of android considered to be the most realistic and human-like out of any other model present in the world, a feat only SAI Corporation has achieved. Giftia are loaded with synthetic souls and therefore do not only process information but also possess emotion.

Due to limitations in technology, the androids have limited service years, and deteriorate once they pass their lifespan. This deterioration lead them to become Wanderers which may pose a threat to humans. Given this, SAI Corporation established the Terminal Service, a department responsible in retrieving Giftia by the time of their expiry.

Known Departments and Employees

Head Office

The Head Office is responsible in overseeing the production and development of Giftia, and the efficiency of the Terminal Service Department

  • Shinya Godou - General Manager

Terminal Service Department

The Terminal Service Department is responsible in ensuring that Giftia do not become Wanderers by retrieving them before the end of their lifespan.

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