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Isla, a Marksman, tries to bribe the owner of a Giftia with snacks during a retrieval

The role of a Marksman is taken by one of the members of a partner team in the Terminal Service. Typically, he or she is the Giftia in the team.


Marksmen have to bear the brunt of the load in every retrieval, as their job is the most difficult. They drive to the location of the retrieval, and upon arriving, negotiate with the owner of the Giftia. This is no easy task, as not all owners willingly sign the agreement form, with some even attempting to run away with their Giftia.

Upon successful negotiation, a Marksman brings the Giftia to the Terminal Service vehicle, which includes a storage chamber. A deactivation ring is inserted into the retrieval target's finger, and as the Marksman touches their deactivation ring to it, the Giftia's memories are erased. The Marksman then presses a button that deactivates the Giftia before it is transported back to the Terminal Service warehouse.

Known Marksmen

Special Cases

While the roles in the Spotter-Marksman partnership is often strictly observed, in the case of Tsukasa and Isla, there have been changes in the usual responsibilities of each. Realizing that Isla is struggling in keeping up with the responsibilities of being a Marksman, Tsukasa suggests that they swap their tasks for a while, something which proves to be a successful idea for the duo.