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Kazuki Kuwanomi
 Japanese 桑乃実カズキ
 Rōmaji Kuwanomi Kazuki
• Personal Data •
 Gender Female
 Race Human
 Status Alive
 Occupation Spotter
• Portrayal •
 Voice Actor Megumi Toyoguchi
• Appearances •
 Debut Episode 1

Kazuki Kuwanomi (桑乃実 カヅキ Kuwanomi Kazuki) is the director of field work, a Spotter at Terminal Service #1 and the second in power only to the manager of the department, Takao Yamanobe. She was previously Constance's partner, but recently became Isla's partner again.

Spoiler Warning: Significant plot details follow!


While at work, Kazuki is a no-nonsense leader who understands the feelings of her employees and co-workers, but she also understands that there is work that needs to be done. She does not care for slackers or those who interrupt the work that Terminal Service is trying to accomplish. In spite of this, Kazuki shows that she also has a very strong devotion to those who are close to her. This example is best seen in her relationship with Isla (Kazuki's former partner) where the love that Kazuki feels for Isla is so strong that she convinced all of the staff at Terminal Service #1 to follow Isla's example of ensuring that each recovery is personalized to the client's needs, even though Isla's methods are inefficient from a financial standpoint. She is intensely defensive of Isla, and wants only the best for her.

Outside of work, Kazuki is seen to be very fond of alcohol, but is completely unable to hold her liquor.


Kazuki was formerly Isla's spotter, but after a botched recovery of Michiru Kinushima's Giftia that left her with a serious injury, she dissolved the partnership between her and Isla.

After learning of the budding relationship between Tsukasa Mizugaki and Isla, Kazuki dissolved their partnership and once again took Isla as her own partner, having Constance become Tsukasa's partner. Unbeknownst to Isla, this was all part of a plan to convince Isla that staying away from Tsukasa for his own sake was not the right idea.

At the last day of Isla, Kazuki arrived at Terminal Service Office to tease Isla one last time. She than takes Isla's ID card and tells Isla and Tsukasa to get away so as to spend their last day together. In the late afternoon, Kazuki and Constance dive to the amusement park to watch over Tsukasa and Isla. After Isla deactivated, she then thanks Tsukasa for being there for Isla until the last moment, which makes Tsukasa breakdown in tears.

In the Epilogue, Kazuki greets Tsukasa after his 9 month training and introduced to him a new partner (not known so far) to work with.


  • The name Kazuki means "one" (一) or "harmony, peace" (和) (kazu) and "brightness" (輝), "hope" (希) or "tree" (樹) (ki).
    • The name Kazuki is a Japanese male name.