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Eru Miru.png
Eru Miru
 Japanese 海松エル
 Rōmaji Miru Eru
• Personal Data •
 Gender Female
 Race Human
 Status Alive
 Occupation Engineer
• Portrayal •
 Voice Actor Sumire Uesaka
• Appearances •
 Debut Episode 2

Eru Miru (海松 エル Miru Eru?) is an engineer in the Giftia maintenance team at Terminal Service #1, who has been on the job for two years. She is also rather perverted, as shown when she wanted to touch Andie's, or Olivia's, boobs.

Spoiler Warning: Significant plot details follow!


Eru gets along well with the other Terminal Service's staff due to her cheerful personality. She also likes Tsukasa because of his cuteness, much to Tsukasa's discomfort.

Eru is comfortable enough about her large chest to use it as subject for humour. One instance she teases Tsukasa for looking at her breasts.

In another instance she bonded with Olivia, who was a Giftia, over the size of their breasts.


She is a mischievous girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has large sized breasts which she parades in tank tops and they sometimes become the subject for her to tease her co-worker and former neighbour. Her uniform consists of an orange jumpsuit in her workplace and is seen in a red one in her civil attire.