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Vital statistics
Position Marksman (Terminal Service 3)
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Horoscope Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Andie (previously known as Olivia) is a "recycled" Giftia that works as a marksman for Terminal Service 3, first appeared in the anime during Episode 8.


As said, Andie is a "recycled" Giftia, which means that she lost her memories of her previous life, but the body it's actually pretty much the same as before. In her previous life, she was called Olivia, and she was neightbour and best friend of Eru. Nothing much is known, except that she has changed her tastes and that her memories can't come back in her new life: during the carnival at Eru's hometown, they both went to drank the jellyfish juice, a thing that they did together also in Andie's previous life as Olivia; suprisingly, Andie now liked it, but Olivia before didn't. This makes Eru understand that she can't bring back things as the were before, because the time to make memories is, as she says afterwards to Tsukasa, the present.

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Andie as she was in her previous life as Olivia, with Eru